[ARC REVIEW] “The Art of Falling for You” (Falling #1) By: Maya Hughes

The first book in the next series set in the Fulton U universe is here! You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, and check out my ARC review below!

Official Synopsis:

If looks could kill, I’d be a charred pile of ash on the sidewalk.
“Are you stalking me?”

“We live right next door to each other, New Girl.”

Bay Bishop aka The New Girl is my new neighbor. Glasses, stage crew black clothes and a knack for fading into the background.

She’s probably the only one who rolls her eyes when I walk past instead of cheering on my last touchdown play. But before I can shove her into the recesses of my mind filed under “Not my problem” she lands herself smack dab in the middle of my dreams.

I catch her singing with a voice unlike any I’ve heard before that taps into feelings I shouldn’t have for the girl who avoids me at all costs. I need to know why she hates me.

With three months until graduation, the final play is on. Only it’s not for more points. It’s for Bay.

Unlike my success on the field, this win is anything but assured. But I can’t stop myself from taking the risk.

There’s no flashing scoreboard.

There’s no cheering crowd.

There’s only her and me.

The countdown clock is ticking. The only thing scarier about finding my first love will be losing her.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

A kindle with the cover art of "The Art of Falling for You" on top of an acoustic guitar, with a football on the hardwood floor next to it.


Y’all. This book! 

I was almost speechless at the end — I spent the whole book trying to figure out how the heck this trilogy is in the Fulton U universe, and the very last word of the whole book answers that question. I try to keep my reviews spoiler free, so this is something you’ll have to read the book to find out…let’s just say, I now have the strongest urge to re-read the original Fulton U books. (I haven’t been able to read “The Fourth Time Charm” yet though!)

Fun fact (for me) — it’s officially been just over a year since I first discovered Maya and the Fulton U series! I started “The Perfect First” the Sunday before the world shut down because of COVID, and finish it and the next two books during the beginning of the pandemic. A year later, and we’re still in it, but at least we have new Fulton U books for company!

The book begins the week after Bay’s college graduation, and she has a run in with Dare. It then flashes back 4 years to their senior year of high school, and the book stays there until the final chapter when it comes back to the present. 

I really, really loved this book. Bay and Dare were total opposites, but they still worked, and worked well. They had their fair share of internal and external stressors, but I loved watching their relationship (both platonically and romantically) transform throughout the book. Granted, there was always the anticipation of ‘I know they’re not together in 4 years so what’s going to happen,’ but I thought their blow up at the end was fitting, and realistic. Neither of them were in the right, and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing their discussion about the fight in later books. (What Dare does y’all…that ain’t it! I saw it coming right before, but still…) 

I loved seeing Bay in her element at the recording studio — I’m also putting in my vote for another spin off series of the guys in the famous band she was helping record, if Maya hasn’t already written the series…Dare’s talent with drawing is also never talked about as a thing that could get him into college (yeah, I know, football is king or whatever) but I hope we get to see where that takes him, too!

Overall, this was a great book! It takes place during high school, but I’d still categorize it as new adult since the rest of the series (I’m assuming) takes place when they’re older. There’s some sexual content in it, so, as always, my disclaimer for new adult books: they have more sexual content than young adult ones! It’s basically (not always, but with this series!) the nature of the genre, so read at your own risk!

Little spoiler/commentary, so read at your own risk!

My sister and I are in a band, I play drums/sing and she plays guitar/sings, and it’s a pet peeve of ours when people smash guitars. Like…I get it, rock and roll and all, but it’s so cringe to me. UGH. I HATE IT. Anyway…given the sentimentality of the guitar being Bay’s dad’s and all…well, I wouldn’t talk to Dare ever again if it were me. 





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