Update! :)

Hi guys!

I’ve had this blog for a few weeks now, and I try to post everyday! These past few days have been really busy, and the next few are too; my original play, titled ‘Shattered’ was selected to be performed and produced at my high school as apart of a student written, student directed, and student acted ten minute plays. As a senior, it was sad and surreal to see an original play of mine performed for the last time! (A play of mine was selected last year when I was a junior, titled ‘Locked and Loaded’.) I might post the scripts & other scripts of mine on Wattpad sometime soon, if anybody’s interested in reading them. I got a few books in the mail today, but the rest of the shipment is a bit delayed so I’ll wait to post about them until then! I also have a new review going up tomorrow–I’ve got to get the right picture! What are you all currently reading?

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