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A [12]

‘A Date for Hannah’ By: Callie Henry

‘A Kiss in the Dark’ By: Gina Ciocca (ARC)

‘A Place In The Sun’ By: R.S. Grey

‘A Taxonomy of Love’ By: Rachael Allen (ARC)

‘After’ By: Anna Todd

‘Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over’ By: Shani Petroff

‘Alex Approximately’ By: Jenn Bennett

‘All In Pieces’ By: Suzanne Young

‘All of This is True’ By: Lygia Day Peñaflor (ARC)

‘All Rights Reserved’ By: Gregory Scott Katsoulis (ARC)

‘All The Feels’ By: Danika Stone

‘Arrange Me’ By: Katy Regnery (ARC)

B [8]

‘Beautiful Disaster’ By: Jamie McGuire

‘Been Here All Along’ By: Sandy Hall

‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ By: Katherine Boo

‘Bound To You’ By: Alyssa Brandon (ARC)

‘Breakout’ By: A.M. Rose (ARC)

‘Broken Silence’ By: Natasha Preston

‘By Your Side’ By: Kasie West

‘Busted’ By: Gina Ciocca (ARC)

C [2]

‘Coldhearted Boss’ By: R.S. Grey (ARC)

‘Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy’ By: Ally Carter

D [8]

‘Dare to Fall’ By: Estelle Maskame

‘Dare You To Lie’ By: Amber Lynn Natusch

‘Did I Mention I Love You?’ By: Estelle Maskame

‘Did I Mention I Miss You?’ By: Estelle Maskame

‘Did I Mention I Need You?’ By: Estelle Maskame

‘Doctor Dearest’ By: R.S. Grey (ARC)

‘Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover’ By: Ally Carter

‘Dreamer’ By: L. E. DeLano (ARC)


F [11]

‘Falter’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘Fame, Fate and the First Kiss’ By: Kasie West (ARC)

‘Fangirl’ By: Rainbow Rowell

‘Fleeting’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘Flower’ By: Elizabeth Craft and Shea Olsen

‘Flutter’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘Follow Me Back’ By: A. V. Geiger (ARC)

‘Fool Me Twice’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘For the Record’ By: Charlotte Huang

‘Forgiven’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘Furyborn’ By: Claire Legrand (ARC)


‘Geekerella’ By: Ashley Poston

‘Girl Out of Water’ By: Laura Silverman

H [4]

‘Happy Again’ By: Jennifer E. Smith

‘His Royal Highness’ By: R.S. Grey (ARC)

‘Hometown Heartless’ By: Carrie Aarons (ARC)

‘How to Breathe Underwater’ By: Vicky Skinner (ARC)


‘I Bet You’ By: Ilsa Madden-Mills

‘I Dare You’ By: Ilsa Madden-Mills

‘I Hate You’ By: Ilsa Madden-Mills

‘I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You’ By: Ally Carter

‘Internet Famous’ By: Danika Stone

‘It’s All Your Fault’ By: Paul Rudnick

J [4]

‘Jesse’s Girl’ By: Miranda Kenneally

‘Just Don’t Mention It’ By: Estelle Maskame

‘Just for Clicks’ By: Kara McDowell (ARC)

‘Just Friends’ By: Tiffany Pitcock

K [1]

‘Kissing Max Holden’ By: Katy Upperman (ARC)

L [7]

‘Last Year’s Mistake’ By: Gina Ciocca (ARC)

‘Lies You Never Told Me’ By: Jennifer Donaldson (ARC)

‘Listen To Your Heart’ By: Kasie West (ARC)

‘Love and Vandalism’ By: Laurie Boyle Crompton (ARC)

‘Love, Life, and the List’ By: Kasie West (ARC)

‘Love Scene, Take Two’ By: Alex Evansley (ARC)

‘Love Songs & Other Lies’ By: Jessica Pennington (ARC)

M [6]

‘Make Me Bad’ By: R.S. Grey (ARC)

‘Meant To Be’ By: Julie Halpern (ARC)

‘Mind Games’ By: Shana Silver (ARC)

‘My Life Next Door’ By: Huntley Fitzpatrick

‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ By: Ali Novak

‘My Unscripted Life’ By: Lauren Morrill

N [1]

‘Nothing Left to Burn’ By: Heather Ezell (ARC)

O [6]

‘On The Fence’ By: Kasie West

‘Only the Good Spy Young’ By: Ally Carter

‘Open Road Summer’ By: Emery Lord

‘Out of Left Field’ By: Kris Hui Lee

‘Out of Sight, Out of Time’ By: Ally Carter

‘Our Dust Has A Pulse’ By: Malynda Schlegel (ARC)


‘Paper Hearts’ By: Ali Novak

‘Perfect Strangers’ By: S. Latrina Paige

‘P.S. I Like You’ By: Kasie West

Q [1]

‘Queens of Geek’ By: Jen Wilde

R [2]

‘Rogue Princess’ By: B.R. Myers (ARC)

‘Rule #1: You Can’t Date the Coach’s Daughter’ By: Anne-Marie Meyer

S [14]

‘Save the Date’ By: Morgan Matson (ARC)

‘Say You’ll Remember Me’ By: Katie McGarry

‘Scoring Wilder’ By: R.S. Grey

‘Senior Year Bucket List’ By: J.M. Miller (ARC)

‘Seven Days of You’ By: Cecilia Vinesse (ARC)

‘She Said’ By: Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey

‘She’s With Me’ By: Jessica Cunsolo

‘Shuffle, Repeat’ By: Jen Klein

‘Silence’ By: Natasha Preston

‘Something In Between’ By: Melissa de la Cruz (ARC)

‘Sometimes I Lie’ By: Alice Feeney (ARC)

‘Songs About A Girl’ By: Chris Russell

‘Stealing Candy’ By: Stewart Lewis (ARC)

‘Surviving Adam Meade’ By: Shannon Klare (ARC)


‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ By: Aminah Mae Safi (ARC)

‘Tell Me No Lies’ By: A.V. Geiger (ARC)

‘Textrovert’ By: Lindsey Summers (ARC)

‘The Boy Most Likely To’ By: Huntley Fitzpatrick

‘The Boy Next Door’ By: Katie Van Ark

‘The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things’ By: Carolyn Mackler

‘The Design’ By: R.S. Grey

‘The Distance Between Us’ By: Kasie West

‘The Duet’ By: R.S. Grey

‘The Five Days of Christmas’ By: Maria Cassano

‘The Heartbreakers’ By: Ali Novak

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ By: Oscar Wilde

‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ By: Emily Barr

‘The Perfect First’ By: Maya Hughes

‘The Problem With Forever’ By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

‘The Second We Met’ By: Maya Hughes

‘The Summer Games: Settling the Score’ By: R.S. Grey

‘The Summer of No Regrets’ By: Katherine Grace Bond

‘The Tenth Girl’ By: Carrie Aarons

‘The Third Best Thing’ By: Maya Hughes

‘The Third Twin’ By: C.J. Omololu

‘The QB Bad Boy and Me’ By: Tay Marley

‘The Unexpected Everything’ By: Morgan Matson

‘The Way to Game the Walk of Shame’ By: Jenn P. Nguyen

‘The Wrong Side of Right’ By: Jenn Marie Thorne

‘Things I Can’t Forget’ By: Miranda Kenneally

‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ By: Jay Asher

‘This Is What Happy Looks Like’ By: Jennifer E. Smith

‘This Tiny Perfect World’ By: Lauren Gibaldi (ARC)

‘Time Bomb’ By: Joelle Charbonneau (ARC)

‘Tone Deaf’ By: Olivia Rivers

‘Traveler’ By: L.E. DeLano

‘Trust’ By: Kylie Scott

‘Trusting You & Other Lies’ By: Nicole Williams (ARC)


‘Undeniable’ By: Liz Bankes

‘United We Spy’ By: Ally Carter



‘Waking Up In Vegas’ By: Natasha Preston (ARC)

‘We Are The Ghosts’ By: Vicky Skinner (ARC)

‘We Were Never Here’ By: Jennifer Gilmore

‘Wesley James Ruined My Life’ By: Jennifer Honeybourn

‘What I Thought Was True’ By: Huntley Fitzpatrick

‘Whatever Life Throws At You’ By: Julie Cross

‘When It’s Real’ By: Erin Watt

‘When Summer Ends’ By: Jessica Pennington (ARC)

‘With The Band’ By: Natasha Preston

‘Wrong In All The Right Ways’ By: Tiffany Brownlee (ARC)


Y [2]

‘You Don’t Know My Name’ By: Kristen Orlando

‘You’re the One I Don’t Want’ By: Carrie Aarons