[ARC REVIEW] “Breakout” By: A.M. Rose

For all of my fellow dystopian fans…:)

This book is already out! It came out in June, published by Entangled.


Six days.

That’s the amount of time until Lezah’s execution.

She’ll die never knowing what got her locked up in this godforsaken prison in the first place. Her only chance of survival is to escape. Except the monitoring bracelet that digs into her wrist, the roaming AI, and the implant in her neck make freedom close to impossible.

Her best chance is to team up with the four other inmates who are determined to break out, even if one of them is beyond (gorgeous) annoying—oh, and in for murder. But he has a secret of his own. One that could break Lezah if she finds out, but could also set him free.

Figuring out how to work with him and the rest of this mismatched group of criminals is the only way Lezah will survive to see the outside world again.

But nothing in this prison is as it seems. And no one.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Lezah was a great and strong heroine, and I loved how the teamwork between her and the rest of the group was written. There are also aspects of romance between some characters throughout the book, but nothing too major or seemingly out of place; Lezah even admits that it’s odd to be thinking romantic thoughts about one of the other characters given the situation that they were in, and it was nice to see a character be self-aware, which made it feel more realistic. All of her friends and other characters were great additions to the story, and I really enjoyed reading about them. There’s also some LGBT+ rep that’s touched on, which was awesome.

At times I thought that there was too much going on to have it all be resolved by the end of the book. While we didn’t get closure on everything, the main objective did have an ending, which I was grateful for, but it did feel a little bit rushed. If A.M. Rose wants to write more books and make it a series, I definitely won’t object! I think that the book could benefit from an epilogue or something like that to tie up a few loose ends though, even if she doesn’t write more books.

There were some aspects of the book that seemed like a big commentary on our current world and government, which I was totally here for. (I might be totally reading into it, but it seems like a lot of times that’s a big aspect of dystopian-type novels.) One part that I liked was that not everyone was corrupt, which sure doesn’t seem accurate to our world, but ideally…

Overall, this was a great, fast read and I would strongly recommend it to people who like dystopian books such as “The Hunger Games,” etc.

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