1. Interview with A.V. Geiger, author of ‘Follow Me Back’!
  2. Interview with Katy Upperman, author of ‘Kissing Max Holden’!
  3. Interview with Gina Ciocca, author of ‘Busted’!
  4. Interview with Lauren Gibaldi, author of ‘This Tiny Perfect World’!
  5. Interview with Karole Cozzo, Author of ‘The Game Can’t Love You Back’!
  6. Interview with Lygia Day Peñaflor, Author of ‘All of This is True’!
  7. Interview with Alex Evansley, Author of ‘Love Scene, Take Two’!
  8. Interview with A.V. Geiger, author of ‘Tell Me No Lies’!
  9. Interview with Danielle Banas, author of ‘The Supervillain and Me’!
  10. Interview with Tiffany Brownlee, author of ‘Wrong In All The Right Ways’!
  11. Interview with Katy Upperman, author of ‘The Impossibility of Us’!
  12. Interview with Vicky Skinner, author of ‘How to Breathe Underwater’!
  13. Interview with Kris Hui Lee, author of ‘Out Of Left Field’!
  14. [COMING SOON] Interview with Marci Lyn Curtis, author of ‘The Leading Edge of Now’!
  15. [COMING SOON] Interview with Shannon Klare, author of ‘Surviving Adam Meade’!

If you would like me to interview you about your book, please contact me at  If I do not have your book, I will need one provided so that I can review it and write up an interview.  I also reserve the right to decline any review or interview requests.