[ARC REVIEW] “Our Dust Has A Pulse” By: Malynda Schlegel

I received an ARC from Malynda in exchange for an honest review! Please note that this book has already been released, and is available to be read on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Official Synopsis:

He is going back home. She is trying to find a home.

Katherine Colby has spent her short eighteen years as a reserved, passive player in her own life. Getting her first boyfriend and moving in with him right out of high school was the first time she really thought for herself. Little did she know, she was heading into a year-long relationship that would turn sour, leaving them broken, and her with a new determination to find a life of her own outside of Delaware.

Decker Jeffreys knows a thing or two about broken relationships. He knows some are worth fixing, like the family he abandoned in search of his own fresh start when he ended up in Katherine’s home state, and some are beyond repair, like the girlfriend he’s given this past year of his life to. The official end of his own relationship is the push he needs to go back to Colorado, to the place and the people who mattered first in the hope that he can fix his mistakes.

Decker and Katherine have spent a year fighting their mutual attraction, sticking to casual conversations, but now, their pasts have pushed them together on a road trip across the country … with nobody between them.

But the past can also work against you.
Sometimes, the past can keep you from having a future.
And sometimes, the thing you’re fighting against is the thing you should be fighting for.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


I will admit that it took me a long time to finish this book. Even though I told Malynda that I couldn’t guarantee I would be able to read it by the release date, I had every intention of doing so! I got through 55% of the book when the semester started getting crazy busy, and wasn’t able to pick it back up and finish it until winter break.

As a disclaimer, the book is new adult, and contains some scenes with sexual content towards the end of the book. As a blanket statement, I typically recommend books with sexual content as 17+, but I’ll let you be the judge of what you should/shouldn’t be reading!

As you can tell from the synopsis, Katherine and Decker embark on a road trip for the majority of the book. Trekking across the country in an RV has a way of letting people get to know each other pretty fast. That being said, their relationship still feels natural in its development. It’s definitely a slow burn romance — they don’t even kiss until over 60% of the way through the book!

After we meet Brodie, Katherine’s boyfriend at the start of the book, Decker looks even better by comparison. Brodie is just a sleazeball, but we see the implications and consequences of his and Katherine’s toxic relationship (or at least…not great relationship) manifest themselves in different ways with her and Decker.

Decker is heading back to face his own problems, going to see the family he left behind a year earlier. Overall, I enjoyed watching him grow as a character throughout the book, and really loved how well he and Katherine complemented each other.

The book also depicts a supportive relationship between Katherine and her sister, Phoenix. They grew up in a tumultuous household with a mom that wanted nothing to do with them, which has shaped the bond between them. I loved Phoenix’s character, and it was nice to see her and Katherine start to even out in their individual roles in their relationship with each other. As a side note, Phoenix and her fiancé, Marcus, (who also happens to be Decker’s best friend) are definitely couple goals.

Overall, this was a fun read, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys slow burn NA romances!

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