[REVIEW] ‘The Five Days of Christmas’ By: Maria Cassano

Official Synopsis:

It’s been years since Allison has attended the annual Chapman-Beaumont Christmas tradition, which typically involves blindfolds, ’40s-themed dinner parties, and acting like igloo-building is an Olympic sport. She finally flies home to Vermont to participate in five days of over-the-top festivities with her family and their best friends, the Chapmans – but this year, she’s bringing her boyfriend, and she doesn’t know how they’ll all mesh. Jake Chapman (Ally’s closest friend or worst enemy depending on the year) seems especially pissed about it, and Ally can’t help but notice that Jake’s not the same lanky teenager she remembers.

The Five Days of Christmas is a new-adult holiday romance by Maria Cassano. This festive-AF novelette isn’t quite as wholesome as a Hallmark movie, but its witty dialogue and rough-around-the-edges characters add some welcome realism to all things merry and bright.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


This is a novelette, so it’s only 53 pages. Overall, it’s a cute story perfect for Christmastime, which was just what I was looking for. The premise was super cute! I liked the main character, Allison, but I thought that her boyfriend was really static. He was boring, and didn’t seem appealing at all, so it was a bit difficult to understand why she’d been with him for so long. I would’ve liked a little more chemistry building between her and Jake, but overall it’s a nice little story that I enjoyed reading! It’s a quick read, only about an hour or so, so if you’re looking for a fast read about the holidays, this will be a pretty good fit!

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