‘Love Scene, Take Two’ (formerly ‘Between Takes’) by Alex Evansley Swoon Reads Cover Voting!

If you’ve read ‘Between Takes’ by nonfictionalex (aka Alex Evansley) on Wattpad, you’re probably just as obsessed as I am, so you probably know that it’s being published by Swoon Reads/Macmillan in 2018! Just released yesterday, the title has been changed from ‘Between Takes’ to ‘Love Scene, Take Two’ — and you can help choose the cover! Voting is now live on Swoon Reads blog, and you can vote HERE!

Check out the covers below & let me know which is your favorite! They’re all cute, but I love the one with the directors chairs or the ones of them laying on the dock. 

Connect with the author! You can follow Alex Evansley on twitter, Instagram, Wattpad, Snapchat, Tap, and Tumblr at @nonfictionalex! 

Don’t forget to follow the publisher, @SwoonReads! 

All photo credit goes to Swoon Reads!

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