Happy Book Birthday! [June 6, 2017]

Today is another HUGE release day for a bunch of awesome books! Here’s a few….which ones are you looking forward to reading? I’ve preordered ‘Dividing Eden’ and ‘Internet Famous’, but I desperately want to read all of these great titles!

1. ‘Dividing Eden’ Joelle Charbonneau

Amazon     Barnes & Noble

2. ‘Internet Famous’ Danika Stone

Amazon     Barnes & Noble

3. ‘Once and For All’ Sarah Dessen

Amazon      Barnes & Noble

4. ‘Words In Deep Blue’ Cath Crowley

Amazon      Barnes & Noble

5. ‘Follow Me Back’ A. V. Geiger

Amazon      Barnes & Noble

(Read my ARC review & author interview!)

6. ‘The Unlikelies’ Carrie Firestone

Amazon      Barnes & Noble

7. ‘Mr. Right-Swipe’ Ricki Schultz 

Amazon     Barnes & Noble
Look at this awesome picture for ‘Words In Deep Blue’!! I love it!!

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