Books That Should Receive Media Adaptations (Part 1)

Happy Thursday! Here’s a few books I think would make awesome media adaptations. I’m going to do multiple installments of this too! Each post will consist of 5 books. Comment below what books you want turned into movies/TV shows!

‘This Is What Happy Looks Like’ Jennifer E. Smith
This is one of my favorite contemporaries of all time, and I would love to see it be turned into a movie! The story is so adorable and I love everything about it. 

‘When It’s Real’ Erin Watt

Classic pop star meets average girl. While cliché, this book simply works and I think it would be a great romance movie for teens!

‘This Is Where It Ends’ Marieke Nijkamp

This book is about a school shooting. I think it would work okay as a movie, but might work better as a TV series so the story can be explored the way the book explores it.

‘Follow Me Back’ A.V. Geiger

This book would make the great start to a movie franchise! With the perfect combination of romance and thrills, teens and adults alike would love to see this on the big screen.

‘Kill The Boy Band’ Goldy Moldavsky

The same applies to KTBB! This book, as with FMB has a great thriller aspect. It’s not as heavy on the romance, but it is exceptional as well!

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