Tips on How to Make Time for Reading

Happy Monday everyone!! Today’s topic is ‘How to Make Time for Reading’. If you’re like me, you’re ridiculously busy and it feels impossible to make time to read. And then when there is some extra time, I’m so exhausted that I just fall asleep. When I do have time, I binge read. I’ll go through a bunch of books in a few days, and then not pick another one up for weeks. It’s a terrible habit to start! Below I’ve included a few tips to manage your time wisely to make more time for reading!!
1. Set aside an hour a night just for reading.

I know this is hard. But if you can set aside one hour a night right before bed, or right when you get home from work/school to read, you’ll be able to make it through your book much faster! It’ll also do you some good to unwind before you go to sleep.

2. Read instead of watching TV

It’s very tempting after a long day to want to go sit in front of the TV to unwind. Instead, use that half hour or hour to read your book! You’ll appreciate it later. 

3. Read Outside

Now this isn’t necessarily a way to make more time, but it’s a way to utilize it. You can soak up the sun AND read a great book! 

4. Always Have a Book with You

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you take the train to work, bring your book! You can read on your breaks or on your lunch.

5. Join/Start a Book Club

This can be as simple as making a small book club with your friends! It’ll motivate you to read your book in a timel manner, plus you’ll have some fun discussions!
Do you have any advice on how your fellow book lovers can find more time to read? Comment below!!

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