How to Decide What Books to Purchase First

Happy Thursday! Today I’m going to talk about how to decide what books to purchase first. Since you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you LOVE books just like I do, and your TBR and to-be-bought lists are miles long. With so many amazing books out there, it’s so hard to decide which to buy first! (And with such limited funds….) I’m going to walk you all through how I typically decide what to buy.

I start by making a list of the books I want. It’s always long, and sometimes pretty overwhelming tbh. Honestly, I usually end up misplacing it so next time I go to order books I have to rewrite it all over again. 
After I write down the books I’m interested and buying, I start researching. I always check Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and usually Target or Book Depository. (Depending on if I have gift cards.) Then, I compare the prices so I know I’ll be paying the lowest amount possible. 

Then, it’s the hard part. Deciding what to actually buy. *dramatic sigh* Usually I look first at any preorder incentives that are being given away for preordering books, and if it’s a book I know I’m going to end up buying anyway, I’ll make sure I’m ordering that first. Of course if you’re ordering from, say for example, Amazon, you have to check whether the preorder is too far away from the date you’re ordering it on, because chances are he packages won’t send until that preorder is ready (if you’re like me and do the $25+ free shipping promotion). I’ve done this before and had to wait a few months for my books! I placed an order with Target this week, and they send them separately, so if the prices are reasonable (usually they’re similar to Amazon/B&N) then I would say go that route. You DO have to spend $35+ to qualify for free shipping though, but you’ll get your books sooner–sometimes even before the release date! 

After that, it’s get even trickier. Usually I’ll buy the books I’m either desperate to read or have been on my TBR list for ages. Price factors in as well. Sometime it depends on if I’ve read an author’s book(s) before and what I thought of them, and sometimes it involves how active the author is on social media and if they interact with fans online. (I have a post coming up that will explain this in more detail!) Basically I decide which books I can wait a little longer on and which I absolutely need right away. Another factor is (if it’s a newer book) the amount of reviews I’ve seen that are positive, and if other bloggers recommend it. Like I said before, price is a huge factor as well. If a book is really discounted, I’ll usually buy it because I’m afraid the price will go up!! 

After you decide all the books you want, chances are you (might!) be a bit short on the price (i.e. $24.91 when you need it to be $25) so you will probably have to pick other book. The same rules from above apply, or you can get whatever’s cheapest. 

I hope this helped you out! How do you decide which books to buy first? Comment below!

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