[#PLAYLISTFRIDAY] ‘Paper Hearts’ By: Ali Novak Edition

Hey everyone!! This week I made a short playlist for ‘Paper Hearts’ by Ali Novak!! (+ explanations as to why I choose it!) The book just came out on July 4, and Ali included a bunch of playlists in the back of the book, so make sure you pick up a copy!
1. ‘Enchanted’ Taylor Swift

The scene where Alec and Felicity meet at the masquerade ball and her feelings afterwards is totally representative of this song!!
2. ‘Something You Need’ Against the Current

The line ‘you’re playing bands I’ve never heard of’ makes me think of Alec and Felicity sharing playlists!!
3. ‘Rocks at my Window’ Bridgit Mendler

This song is adorable, just like Alec and Felicity! And although Alex doesn’t climb in through her window, he climbs out of it, so that’s something right? The song talks about running away for the weekend, and that’s just what Alec, Felicity, Asha and Boomer do!
4. ‘Someone Like You’ The Summer Set

The first line of this song is ‘you’ve got a price tag hanging on the back of your dress’ — totally appropriate to the book! The point of the song is that the boy would cross the world for this girl–which Alec does (or at least a few states!) for Felicity.

5. ‘Life Is A Highway’ Rascal Flatts

This one is pretty self-explanatory–classic road-trip song!

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