[#PLAYLISTFRIDAY] ‘Busted’ By: Gina Ciocca Edition

Hi everybody! I won an ARC of Gina Ciocca’s new novel ‘ Busted’, and here’s my playlist for it! The review will be up tomorrow!
1. Busted from Phineas and Ferb

……this was the first song I thought of and I couldn’t resist!

2. Safety Pin 5 Seconds of Summer

……..the lyric ‘we’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together’ reminds me of the heart pins Marisa makes in the book! 

3. On Purpose Sabrina Carpenter

……..without giving anything away, this song reminds me of accidently falling in love when you aren’t looking to or expect it!

4. Butterflies Zendaya

……..this reminds me of the dynamic between Marisa and her ex, Jordan. Especially the line ‘so heart don’t let me trust these butterflies’!

5. Get Back Demi Lovato 

………this reminds me of Marisa and Jordan, but can also be applied to another couple…..but that’s all I can say so there’s no spoilers!

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