Shannon Klare’s ‘Surviving Adam Meade’ has a cover!

Hi everybody! So, if you follow @SwoonReads on twitter basically religiously like I do, you’ll have already heard that Shannon Klare’s novel, ‘Surviving Adam Meade’ has a cover! (Or at least a solid cover direction!!) 

Wait for it………

VOILA! That truck is seriously amazing, and the couple looks so cute! I know it will be altered closer to the release date, but tHeIr ShOeS mAtCh ThE tRuCk!! The aesthetic. 😍And the way the text color matches the red in the sky? I love it!! The whole thing is so aesthetically pleasing, I love it so much!! 
Photo credit obviously goes to Swoon Reads! You can follow Shannon on twitter at @liveandlove10xo!  

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