[REVIEW] ‘Perfect Strangers’ By: S. Latrina Paige

Official Synopsis:
At a time where the racial climate is at its highest, Camila Blake is aware of social issues but has never been affected personally. Camila (Cami) is in the process of picking up her life after a tough breakup and her number one concern isn’t the stresses of being Black but being a woman in an industry of men. When she meets Gabriel Deckard she makes it known that she isn’t available. But after agreeing to a one-time hookup Gabe can’t get enough. Gabe learns that Cami is smart, sexy, and driven but she is not built for casual sex as Gabe would like. Just when Gabe thinks he has her all figured out, life throws a curve ball leaving them both to pick up the pieces. 

When Cami is faced with yet another devastation, Gabe is there but will his love and devotion be enough during a personal affair that shakes them both? They each are healing from the wounds of love lost, skeptical of new love and will need to learn to avoid letting past relationships and the current racial climate muddy what they have found in each other in order to survive. 

They may not be perfect but are they perfect for each other?
****note: this synopsis is different than the one I originally received & the one on the back of my book.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

While this age of the characters in this book is older than I usually read, overall so did enjoy it and I liked Cami’s friendships with her roommate and co worker/her co workers friends. Strong female relationships are important, and I felt that this book showed them well. 
Cami’s backstory with her ex gave great background to her outlook on dating/relationships, and that felt realistic.
This book is told from Cami’s POV for the most part, but eventually switches over to Gabe’s sporadically. At some points it was confusing to figure out the time line, because I think at one point the chapter title suggested that there was a 2 week time jump but the writing seemed like it was the next day. 
Also, the amount of typos & grammar errors in the book made it feel like an early draft, not a fully published and edited book. It almost felt as though it wasn’t edited at all. 
The format of the book was a bit different than most books. First off, the entire book was double spaced. Normally I don’t comment on the book covers, but the black text on a dark cityscape background made the title hard to read & the back text of what the book is about nearly impossible to read. 
As to the realistic nature of the book, I can’t attest to, since the characters are much older than me. The big plot twist (other than the cliffhanger ending), if I can use that term loosely, felt a bit out of place to me because I didn’t feel like there was too much of a lead up to it, it felt more like a plot device in the story arc of Camila & Gabriel to create a tiff in their relationship. Not to say that what happens isn’t a huge issue in America, I just thought that other issues could’ve arisen between the two of them that had been hinted at earlier would’ve been better for the plot as a whole. 
This book is apart of a series, so those other issues might arise in a later novel.
Overall, I’m glad I read the book because I haven’t read a ton of adult contemporary romances, but I think it would work better if it was polished a bit more. 
*I was sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed are my personal opinions, and just because a book isn’t a perfect fit for me doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect fit for you!
You can find this book for purchase on Amazon.

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