[ARC REVIEW] ‘Textrovert’ By: Lindsey Summers


*This book is an ARC that I received from a fellow blogger; the book was released on May 2nd, 2017!

Official Synopsis:

It’s bad enough when high-school senior Keeley grabs the wrong phone while leaving her small town’s end-of-summer fair. It’s even worse when she discovers that the phone she now has belongs to the obnoxious, self-centered Talon and that he’s just left for football camp … with her phone. Reluctantly, the two agree to forward messages for a week. And as Keeley gets to know Talon, she starts to like him. Keeley learns there’s more to Talon than the egocentric jock most people see. There’s more to Keeley, too. Texting Talon, she can step out of the shadow of her popular twin brother. Texting Talon, she can be the person she’s always wanted to be.
Sparks fly when the two finally meet to exchange their phones. But while Keeley has been playing a part online, Talon has been keeping a secret. He has a different connection to Keeley — one that has nothing to do with phones, and one that will make their new relationship all but impossible. Knowing what she now knows, can Keeley trust him? And can love in the present erase mistakes of the past?

Rating: 5/5 Stars



This book has been on my TBR list for what feels like forever, so I was so excited to be able to finally get my hands on it!!  I’m a sucker for teen romance novels, and this one was no exception.  It was a quick read, as I read it within about 2 hours.

The overall concept of the story is super cute and absolutely adorable.  It would be an absolutely disaster if I lost my phone like that, so I totally understood where Keeley’s frustration came from when Talon left for football camp without switching their phones back.  Although I wish at some point it would’ve been addressed as to why Zach didn’t go to the same or some sort of football camp, considering how important it was to him.

The plot twist as to Talon’s connection with Zach was very in depth and thought out, and I enjoyed how it was slowly revealed.  The dilemma that it thrust Keeley in, feeling like she had to chose between the boy she liked and her twin brother.  I also appreciated the subtle comparisons in Talon’s behavior and Keeley’s ex-boyfriend Randy, how they both acted differently when they were alone with her versus when they were with their friends.(Although TBH I would love love LOVE a sequel companion novel about Zach and……well, read the book and you’ll know!  This is a spoiler free review, after all)

Keeley’s relationship with her twin brother Zach played out in a very awesome way throughout the book.  Even though they butted heads at times and Keeley always felt like she was living in his shadow, I liked the dynamic between the two of them.  At the end of the day, they were super supportive of each other and I loved how close they were.  Keeley’s best friend Nicky was a great addition to Keeley’s overall story arc.

The story is light and heartfelt, and everything I look for in a cute romance novel.  All of the characters were realistic and relatable, and I know that I will defiantly re-read it sometime!


I really liked Lindsey’s writing style.  It made me connect to Keeley quickly, and I became invested in her feelings and her story as a whole.





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Connect with the author! You can find Lindsey on Twitter at @DoNotMicrowaveX, Wattpad at DoNotMicrowave, and on Instagram at DoNotMicrowaveX!!

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