E-books VS Physical Books

With the rise of the internet, I’ve been hearing for years that libraries and bookstores are dying out as ebooks rise in popularity and convenience.  I actually wrote a paper on that topic my sophomore year of high school, and I’m a freshman in college now, so that shows that it’s been a big discussion for at least three years now.

Actually, my parents have offered to buy me a nook for ebooks for various birthdays and Christmases, but I really don’t want one.  The experience of reading an ebook versus a physical book is totally different for me.  I’ve read many books on Wattpad and loved them, don’t get me wrong, I just love reading physical copies more.  In an ebook, I can see how many pages are left or what page of the book I’m on, but seeing a number isn’t the same as physically seeing and feeling how much or how little of a book there is left.  Also, I’m on my phone pretty much every second of the day if I’ve not reading, eating, or doing something else that I have to do.  I get plenty of screen time, so when I read a book, I want to escape from that.  If I read on my phone, there are way too many distractions such as social media and other apps that can tear my attention away.  I’m not exactly sure how nooks and kindles work, as in if they would provide those same distractions when connected to the internet or not, but it’s a lot easier to disconnect and unwind if I don’t have those extra distractions.

Thirdly: aesthetic.  I love displaying and getting to look at all of my books on their shelves, and I don’t get that satisfaction looking at the books in my iBooks section on my phone.  All of the covers are so beautiful and unique, and I love seeing them out in the world, whether it be on my shelf or in a bookstore.

I know there are a bunch of other reasons why I prefer physical books to ebooks, but these are just a few!  I’ll add more to this post as I think of them.  Which do you prefer, and why?  Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “E-books VS Physical Books

  1. I love reading and hoarding books in its physical form. But I have now taken to e-books as it is very convenient. Especially with me changing my city every few months, physical books have become a luxury and it is more painful to pack or in worst case, say good bye to.

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  2. I love physical books but I don’t have the money to spend on them whenever I would want. I mostly read on my tablet because it’s easier for me to carry and I get ebooks from the library this way. If my library was closer I would go there instead of reading on my tablet though honestly.

    About distractions, my tablet does have a web browser and the ability to download apps but the only ones I have are book related so I don’t really have distractions haha.


  3. Physical books for me! I’ve tried to borrow e-books from my library system, but I always feel that I can’t focus on the story or characters. When I read, I love to be as far away from my phone as possible!

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  4. While I love physical books, I am finding that e-books are better for me overall. I tend to read faster and notice that I have less distraction when I read from one. This is because many of e-readers do not have proper web browsers that look good on the screen (many of the kindles for example). Nook is a little better, but not much since I have owned both at one time or another. This lack of a “good” web browser helps me to stay focused on reading when I am on an e-reader. Then on top of it I find myself reading much quicker because I am less concerned about turning pages, which can lead to me remembering I had something else to do. I also feel that e-readers allow me to have a multitude of books, but doesn’t take as much space up in my house. I have lost so much space because of having so many books, so digital is the best when this has occurred. 🙂 I can understand though why you would love physical copies, but I would highly recommend trying to get one e-reader at some point of your life, if you haven’t already.

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