Hey everyone!  As you can see from the title, I’m giving away a copy of Nora Novak’s memoir, ‘Los Feliz Confidential’!

RT/F my tweet about the giveaway, & follow my twitter account @cityofglamour17! 


Here’s how to enter:

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  3. Leave a comment below telling me what you would name your own memoir if you wrote one!

The giveaway will run from December 29-January 29!  The winner will be revealed soon after that! *US only, sorry!

Thanks so much for entering guys!  Here’s an Official Synopsis and excerpt:


Los Feliz Confidential chronicles Novak’s life from immigration to poignant childhood and teen years through her adventurous, sexy, freewheeling twenties. Follow her escapades through the glittering decadent ’70s as she encompasses the unique culture of the era with a seductive sense of sophistication. A rock’n’roll, art loving glamour girl, Novak will have you devouring her wry tales and asking for more.


I gave the group a sly wink over my shoulder before opening the medieval-looking door, covered with a Screamers poster and a big Keep Out sign.  Feeling like a bewitching ringmaster, I led them down the creaky wooden stairs to the infamous Cromwell Avenue basement.  A damp, musky scent permeated the stairwell as the sounds of Patti Smith’s “Gloria” now filtered in from above.  I chuckled to myself as they followed me through the labyrinth, past a collection of old tapestries, piles of dusty vinyl, rusted armor, and dangling skeleton parts into a dark, dank storage room.

“Is this where you keep the human heads?” asked one guy eagerly.  “Are they really real heads?” asked another.

“Yes, they are definitely real human heads,” I replied, now porting a wicked smile.  “They’re in these big yellow metal canisters, right over here.”  I kept a pair of long, black rubber gloves nearby to slide on, in order to strike a more dramatic pose for extra effect before prying the lids off the sinister-looking cans.

-“Los Feliz Confidential” by Nora Novak, pgs. 15-16


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