‘Tell Me No Lies’ By A.V. Geiger Teaser

If any of you have read A.V. Geiger’s debut novel, ‘Follow Me Back’, (and if you haven’t, then what’re you waiting for?!) then I’m sure that you’re anxiously awaiting the sequel almost as much as I am.  Viv posted up on her Instagram that Tessa and Eric came to interrogate her about the sequel, ‘Tell Me No Lies’….and by signing up for her email mailing list, you can read the full TEN PAGE transcript!! Now I’ve read it, and there’s definitely some secret info about TMNL, and I’d love to discuss it with you in the comments!!  But first, go subscribe to Viv’s mailing list!  More information on her Instagram too!

ICYMI: read my interview with Viv for ‘Follow Me Back’!

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