2017 Best Bookish Moments

Okay, I promise that this is going to be my last post of 2017.  I know I’ve bombarded you all with a bunch of posts this past week, so thank you for sticking with me and reading ’em!  I’ve compiled my Top 5 best moments that have happened to me this year in regards to books.


  1. Starting my book blog.  I’m so glad that I decided to start this blog in addition to my bookstagrams.  It’s been such a blast creating posts, and I’ve met so many amazing and awesome people these past months, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!
  2. Having two of my bookstagrams featured in Sourcebooks Fire’s newsletter.  The first was a photo of Ali Novak’s ‘The Heartbreakers’, and the second was of Stewart Lewis’s ‘Stealing Candy’!  You can see those photos here and here.
  3. Winning Katy Upperman’s giveaway, where I got a bunch of awesome books plus an annotated ARC of her debut, ‘Kissing Max Holden’!
  4. Winning the debut ’18 giveaway where I received ARCs of Gina Ciocca’s ‘Busted’, Jessica Pennington’s ‘Love Songs & Other Lies’, Lauren Gibaldi’s ‘This Tiny Perfect World’, Rachael Allen’s ‘A Taxonomy of Love’, and a preorder of Rachel Lynn Solomon’s ‘You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone’!
  5. Receiving an ARC of Joelle Charbonneau’s ‘Time Bomb.  I requested it through the publisher’s online form, but didn’t expect to receive it because I’m such a small blog/have a small Instagram following, so I was overjoyed when I was surprised with it in the mail!

What were some of your favorite bookish moments of 2017?


Although I touched on this at the beginning of this post, I really can’t put into words how thankful and grateful I am for you all who are reading this.  I appreciate it SO MUCH, and I can’t wait to bring you more bookish content in 2018 and beyond!  I hope you have a happy new year, and an amazing 2018. ❤

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