[BEHIND THE PHOTO] ‘All of This is True’ By: Lygia Day Peñaflor Edition

At first I was planning on making a behind the photo post every week to explain how I design each week’s photo.  However, I think that I’m just going to do it for the more in depth and complicated photos which this one definitely is.  As for character names, I’m using the names of the ‘real’ characters even though some of the scenes were explained as being part of the novel Fatima wrote.  It’s a lot easier for me to write and for you to understand if I don’t switch between names.

This week I posted am ARC review of Lygia Day Peñaflor’s ‘All of This is True’.  Other than the obvious prop of the actual ARC, I added six other props that relate to the story.


The first was a design board.  I took a fashion and interior design class my junior year of high school and for the final project I had to design my own floor plan and pick out all of the interior designs.  In ‘All of This is True’, Penny creates this same type of board with the help of Jonah to give to Fatima.

The trophy is in the photo to symbolize the wrestling trophies than Jonah has as well as the trophy on the front cover of ‘The Absolution of Brady Stevenson’.

The psychology textbook is because of how Soleil analyzes Jonah’s behavior to Fatima based on what she’s learning in her AP Psychology class.

The bobby pins refer to a step in Fatima’s process of creating the perfect topknot, which gets mentioned throughout the story.

The ‘WWJ?’ stands for ‘What’s With Jonah?’, which is what the three girls text each other when they’re trying to figure out Jonah and his past.  I wrote that out in red lipstick, since when Fatima goes out on a date so she can leave Jonah and Soleil along, she puts her hair up in a topknot and puts on red lipstick.

Finally, the Long Island postcard was given to me by the author, Lygia Day Peñaflor.  The novel takes place in Long Island, which is also where Peñaflor is from.  The ‘#FatimaWasHere’ is in reference to the hashtag that Miri creates to show the places that Fatima had gone to.

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