Hardcovers vs. Paperbacks

All throughout the book community, there is often the discussion of what type of books people prefer.  There are both pros and cons to buying hardcovers and paperbacks.  Personally, I prefer paperbacks.

Paperbacks are, in general, cheaper than hardcover copies of books.  I think that they’re easier to handle while reading, since there isn’t a cover jacket to worry about and they don’t weigh as much as hardcovers.

Paperbacks also tend to have flatter spines, since they don’t have cover jackets on them.  To me, this makes more sense in terms of aesthetics’s on a bookshelf, but I know that a lot of readers prefer how hardcovers look on their shelves.

I have a bookcase, so it’s not really a shelf.  I will be transferring my books over to actual shelves within the next few months, but as of right now I just have a bookcase with cubes, so maybe my opinion will change once I have that layout.

Hardcovers are more expensive than paperbacks, which is a negative.  But then again, paperback editions usually come out a year after the hardcover is released, so usually I’ll just buy the hardcover if I’m desperate to read it.

Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks?  Why?  Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Hardcovers vs. Paperbacks

  1. As much as I can afford hardback though most of my books are on paperback because when books are release here in my country, they always come out on paperback but if I really like the book and can’t wait to read it, I’d rather buy on Amazon or mostly BD than wait for a title to be available here.


  2. Honestly, I don’t really pay much attention to which one it is – however, most of them do are paperbacks as i guess since french books are already costy enough with the translation fees on them, they don’t wanna make them in hard cover ? I don’t know ..

    Although last time I passed up on Eliza & her monsters as we only had the hardcover and, it was taking too much of my giftcard (that I ended up going way over anyway xD ) but .. I didn’t wanted to spent so much on an english book before knowing that yeah, I can in fact read in both of my languages if the book interrest me kinda thing ?

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  3. I personally really like hardbacks because paperbacks give me anxiety whenever I read them. I get so obsessed over cracking the spine that it kind of overshadows the reading experience. (*cries*) I usually leave the dust cover behind when I read hardbacks, but I definitely agree that they’re more expensive–I make it a personal rule to never buy books over $10. But if you do like paperbacks, it can get tricky when a paperback version isn’t released or it comes out later.

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