[PLAYLIST FRIDAY] ‘Dreamer’ By: L.E. DeLano Edition

Happy Playlist Friday!  This week, the playlist is for L.E. DeLano’s April 2018 release, ‘Dreamer’!  It’s the sequel to  ‘Traveler’!  The playlist for ‘Traveler’ was posted last Friday.

  1. Last Kiss Taylor Swift
  2. Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift
  3. Unholy Hey Violet
  4. Gotta Find You Joe Jonas
  5. Want You Back 5 Seconds of Summer

4 thoughts on “[PLAYLIST FRIDAY] ‘Dreamer’ By: L.E. DeLano Edition

  1. Though I am not much into Taylor Swift’s song, I have heard ‘look what you made me do’ quite a number of times. SO many times that Youtube keeps pushing ready for it and big reputation again and again on my face.

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