Matte VS Glossy Book Covers

Hey guys, I think I might have mentioned this before on my blog, but I wanted to talk about it a bit more with you all and get your thoughts.  A ton of people love matte covers and a ton of people love glossy ones, and some covers even combine the two.

Joelle Charbonneau’s ‘Time Bomb’ has a matte front and back cover, but the inside flaps are glossy.  Katie McGarry’s ‘Say You’ll Remember Me’ has a glossy background, but the lettering of the title and the Ferris wheel in the background are both matte.  I feel like fingerprints get stuck on both glossy and matte regardless (*sigh*), but personally I prefer matte covers.  This is not to say that glossy ones aren’t gorgeous, I’ve just always liked matte better, because it gives a cleaner look to the book because it isn’t super reflective.  That’s more useful when taking a picture for bookstagram, because the lights don’t reflect back into the camera as much.

Which do you like better, matte or glossy, and why?  Let me know in the comments!

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