[BEHIND THE PHOTO] ‘Furyborn’ By: Claire Legrand Edition

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so I thought that it was time!  Here is the photo I took for Claire Legrand’s ‘Furyborn’:

PS: Check out my review of the ARC!

The rock in the upper left corner has nothing to do with the book, really.  It just looked cool and matched the cover.  The necklace on the left is supposed to represent a necklace that is present in the book, and the necklace on the right just matches the design of the Sun Queen crown, but has a red gem in it like the Blood Queen crown.  Fun fact:  That necklace is actually a replica prop from the City of Bones movie.  The dead, flat pressed roses just looked really cool, and I thought they matched the vibe of the book.

Finally, my favorite part.  For the background, I took some strawberry Mixade (basically Kool Aid) and mixed it with water.  Then, I dipped my fingers in it and splashed it at some pieces of construction paper to make the designs on the lower half of the photo.  For the two pieces of paper in the top half, I actually poured the mixture down the sheet, and desperately tried not to get it all over my white shirt.  (Thankfully, it is still clean.)



How do you all design your bookstagram/blog photos?  Let me know in the comments!

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