“Ditch Day” is being posted on Wattpad!

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been absent on here a lot, but I’m back! The first trimester of my sophomore year got way busier than I expected it to be, but I’ll be planning ahead this time!! A new review and playlist friday will go up as planned this week, and everything will go back to normal in December.

As you can tell by the title of this post, I’ve started posting my current WIP on Wattpad! I created a new Wattpad for that, and my username is @buriedinabookshelf 🙂

Here’s the synopsis:

“Ditch Day” [in progress] Zoey Davis can’t wait for high school to be over, so she can escape her football star twin brother’s shadow and go to college, where she can get her real life started. But first, she has to make it through her last few months of high school. She’s had perfect attendance all four years, and isn’t going to let something as juvenile as senior ditch day screw that up. Enter Carter Fuller. A notorious class ditcher, he’s only at school because one more absence will make him lose his final exam exemptions. But when their teacher fails to show up to class, both of their plans are in jeopardy. They’re faced with an important decision. Zoey can play it safe and stay, hoping that their teacher will eventually show. Or she can decide to leave with Carter, and get a taste of the classic high school experience that she’s been avoiding for so long.

I hope you guys go and take a look! Right now, I just have the first chapter posted, because I’m still working on the others. I plan on posting more chapters in early 2019, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would let me know what you think! You can read “Ditch Day” here.

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