Joelle Charbonneau’s “Verify” has a cover!

Last March, in 2018, I went to Joelle Charbonneau’s book launch for “Time Bomb.” At the launch, she talked about a current WIP called “Verify.” It sounded very intriguing, and the synopsis and cover have been revealed!! It will be released by Harper Teen on September 24! It’s the first book in a series.

Read it and see it below:


Meri Beckley lives in a world without lies.

When she turns on the news, she hears only the facts. When she swipes the pages of her online textbooks, she reads only the truth. When she looks at the peaceful Chicago streets, she feels the pride everyone in the country feels about the era of unprecedented hope and prosperity over which the government presides.

But when Meri’s mother is killed, Meri suddenly has questions that no one else seems to be asking.  And when she tries to uncover her mother’s state of mind in her last weeks, she finds herself drawn into a secret world full of facts she’s never heard and a history she didn’t know existed.

Suddenly, Meri is faced with a choice between accepting the “truth” she has been taught or embracing a world the government doesn’t want anyone to see—a world where words have the power to change the course of a country and where the one wrong one can get Meri killed.

Coming September 24, 2019


What do you think about the synopsis and cover?

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