Giveaway Win – “Trust Me, Trust Me Not” By: Elodie Nowodazkij

I recently won a copy of Elodie Nowodazkij’s new book, Trust Me, Trust Me Not from Katy Upperman (author of Kissing Max Holden, The Impossibility of Us, and How the Light Gets In)!

You all know that I love a good new adult romance book (it’s older young adult — earlier 20s), especially when the characters are the same exact age as me (20)! I’ve included a synopsis and picture of the book below, in case you’d like to read the book too! It’s the third in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

She thought she left the cult behind. He thought he’d always protect her. They were oh so wrong.

Twenty-year-old Lacey Simon jumped from a building on fire to escape the cult her stepdad was leading, so college should be oh so easy. Except Lacey can’t seem to move on. Not only does she receive threatening letters, she’s also failing her classes. Fun times. Only Hunter, the firefighter who saved her from the fire and who’s been there for her ever since, reminds her that her stepdad no longer dictates her future. He tutors her in English, and he makes her laugh, blush and help her be more daring. But why does it feel like he’s only doing this to redeem himself from mistakes of his past?

Twenty-one-year-old Hunter Harrington used to think he was invincible until a frat party turned tragic and he discovered a dead body in the pool. Ever since that day, he’s been doing his best to keep his grades up and help others. Yep, he even joined the volunteer firefighters’ college program. When he’s accused of plagiarism, he’s forced to spend more time with Lacey. Not that he minds. He’d love to get even closer. But he has secrets of his own that could destroy their relationship before it even starts. And can he really keep her safe?

Can they trust themselves and each other enough to no longer be afraid to love and…to stay alive?

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