2019 in Review

Hi everyone!

Here we are — another year down. I know that I wasn’t as active as I hoped I would be this year, but I thought I’d tell you some highlights! (In a super-condensed way!)

In terms of school…I ended my sophomore year, and started my junior year of college! I discovered public relations this year, and became an Account Executive at the student-run PR firm on my campus this fall. I successfully navigated my first client, and I’m happy to announce that next term I’ll be running the PR for Jessica Pennington’s next young adult summer romance, “Meet Me at Midnight!” I started a few research projects, with my favorite being researching social media influencers and YouTube apology videos. My research team and I will be presenting some of our findngs at a conference in April 2020! I got another internship with a production company out in California, as well as wrote another short screenplay. I also took three summer classes, and ended up with A’s in all of my credit classes that I took this year, which I’m really proud of.

My band released a new single this year, and has already booked studio time for January to record our next single, which is exciting.

As the word vomit above can attest to, I was super busy. Unfortunately, all of that didn’t leave a whole lot of extra time to read. Despite all that, I still read 39 books this year and discovered some new favorite authors (not to mention I read some of my old favorites as well!). I read more new adult books than ever before and saw some great adaptations of some great books.

I already have a few author interviews lined up for next year, and a bunch of great books and ARCs to share with you all! Thank you for giving me some of my best stats yet — I posted 203 posts, had over 5600 visitors, and over 8000 views. (Y’all really loved my book vs. movie post about “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and my review of Anna Todd’s “After.”) I also had the opportunity to interview 10 authors!

Thank you for an amazing year, and I’ll see you all tomorrow (aka next year…and next decade!) with my most anticipated 2020 and January 2020 releases!! (Psst: check out my Top Reads of 2019 and my Favorite Books of the Decade!)

xx Courtney

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