Anna B. Doe announces short story “Kiss Before Midnight”

You might remember when I posted about a cover reveal for Mistletoe Kisses, a holiday new adult and young adult anthology from fourteen bestselling authors, including Anna B. Doe, which is coming on November 17th! (If you haven’t read her books or missed that post, you should recognize her name from my posts this past week — I reviewed both The Penalty Box and The Stand-In Boyfriend!)

Anna B. Doe will be writing a New York Knights/Blairwood University short story titled Kiss Before Midnight. (If Blairwood sounds familiar, that’s because I reviewed Kiss to Conquer, which takes place at Blairwood University!)

The following block of quotes are from Anna’s newsletter — make sure to sign up to hear about all of her awesome book news! (Plus, the second book in the Blairwood University series releases on December 11!)

If you read Until, you might remember Grace. She’s J.D.’s lost little sister that he takes into his home. Her character was one of those big side characters that even has a few chapters told from her point of view.

I always loved her so much and wanted to give you more of her. Since Until released, I’ve been planning to write a scene about an older Grace going to her first date – I mean, can you imagine J.D.’s reaction? – and now it’s finally coming true! 

What can I tell you about her crush? Not much actually!

Mason is a brand new character that you haven’t met before. They met at a community center where Grace attends dance classes and he’s playing basketball. And he just might have a thing for her too!

Their story is super sweet and I can’t wait for you to read it. Do you think Mason will survive picking Grace up for their date? Or will J.D. do some bodily damage? You’ll have to wait to find out.

The anthology is available for preorder now for $2.99!


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