2020 Holiday Gift Guide

I know that Christmas is in a few days, but given the crazy times of this year, I know a lot of people’s holiday plans are looking anything but normal this year. Especially with shipping delays, a lot of gifts won’t arrive until next week (or year), so why not keep buying bookish themed items and receive some holiday presents at random times during 2021? Below I’ve compiled a list of some cool bookish items that I’ve had my eye on that I think other book lovers would like too! I haven’t bought any of these yet (unless otherwise indicated) but they’re definitely on my radar!

What’s your favorite bookish present you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments!

1. Lithographs

Lithographs offers a variety of books printed on various items such as t-shirts, blankets, totes, scarves, and more! They have over 300 titles available (the above photo is for the Giver), as well as offer custom designs if you want your own book/text printed on their items. I haven’t gotten one yet, because they don’t have any books that I like available yet, but I think they’re super cool! Prices vary.

2. Portable LED Flat Plate Lamp

I’ve had a lot of ARCs to read on my Kindle this year, so I’ve been spoiled with being able to read at night with no problem! This cute little lamp seems like it would make it easier to read without having to have all of the lights on in the room, and seems easily storable! It’s on Amazon right now for $10.99.

3. Book Boxes

I’m not going to put links or photos for this one, since there are so many to choose from! You can buy a one-off book box or get a yearly (aka monthly) subscription for whatever kind of books your favorite book lover in your life adores. This is a little pricier, since on average it seems that most boxes are about $35 a month, but since there are so many to choose from, you can find whatever is the best fit!

4. Bookish Candles

Similar to my previous ‘gift,’ there are too many to choose from here to give any concrete examples! Etsy is a great place to start, as well as looking at the shops of any book subscription boxes. You can often find fandom specific ones, so start by looking at your favorite characters/authors!

5. Coloring Books

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in coloring books based on books! This is the perfect gift for readers who want to stay immersed in their favorite books without actually, you know, reading them. (There are so many Shadowhunters gifts, I’ll have to make a post just for them at some point!) This one is available at Target for $11.89, but is also available at other retailers. Other books have corresponding coloring books too, such as Red Queen, Harry Potter, etc.

6. Personal Library Kit

This cute little personal library kit is on Amazon for $20.15. I never lend out my books (only made that mistake once…) but if you’re someone that does, this is super cute!

7. Custom Stamp

This is similar to the previous item, too! I always like to keep my books in pristine conditions, but I know a lot of friends who like to annotate them. This stamp (especially if you lend them out) would be a great gift! It’s customizable on Amazon for just under $25.

Let me know if you’ve ever gotten any of these before! I’ll be making more lists soon (because let’s be honest, who needs a holiday as an excuse to buy fun gifts?) so let me know if there’s any that I should be adding!

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