Read an Excerpt of Laura Pavlov’s “Rebel,” Available Now on Kindle Unlimited!

Rebel, an all-new enemies to lovers standalone romance from Laura Pavlov is available now! 

My ARC review will be up tomorrow as part of the blog tour, but you can read all about the book below! (Check out an excerpt of the book here!)

About the Book:


I’m always down for a good time. I’m that guy. 

I love women. I love sex. And I love my life.

Go big or go home, right?

My father’s death is a constant reminder of why I like to keep it simple.

Life is short.

Emotional attachments make you weak.

Grieving sucks. And I have no interest in caring deeply for anyone outside of my family.

I’m not looking for complications.

Monroe Buckley is a complication.

She’s driven.

She’s focused.

And she’s my best friend’s little sister.

Not happening.

But once we’re forced to spend time together…I only want more.

Too bad she’s the one woman who is off-limits.


I don’t trust most people, and I have my reasons.

I’m passionate about my work, and I came here to do a job.

Not date the boss.

Getting hired at the top media company in the city is the break of my life.

But it means working for Jack Montgomery.

My one-time crush.

My brother’s best friend.

And the current thorn in my side.

He’s exactly what I want to avoid.

Yet he’s everywhere I turn. Even when he’s not there—he’s in my head.

He’s a magnet for attention.

A heartbreak just waiting to happen.

And my heart is something I fiercely protect. At all costs.

They say the heart wants what the heart wants…

But my heart isn’t allowed to make that decision anymore.

There’s too much to lose.


I made my way to the elevators and stopped the door just before it closed. Monroe had a mouthful of muffin and her cheeks flamed pink when I stepped inside. 

“Hey, no shame in trying to wolf down some pastries in the elevator. Next time just make sure the door isn’t about to close on someone.”

She finished chewing and glared at me. “It’s not the job of the person in the elevator to check to see if anyone’s coming. You should have called out for me to hold the door.”

“I disagree.”

“I wasn’t asking your opinion.” 

I narrowed my gaze. “How about you tell me why you’re so hostile. We have to work together, so you need to drop the attitude.”

“Oh, so anyone who doesn’t agree with your elevator etiquette has an attitude?” She chuckled and stepped off. 

“Noooooo. This has nothing to do with etiquette and everything to do with your attitude.”I followed her into her office and shut the door. 

She sat down behind her desk and I dropped in the chair across from her. “You know. You may have just helped me choose the first topic for my column.”

“Let me guess…how to treat your boss with disrespect?”

She rolled her eyes. “Are you always such a narcissist?”

“Probably. I mean, look at me.”I chuckled and raised a brow in challenge. “So, what’s the topic?”

“Social etiquettes. From the workplace, to the elevator, to small talk, to the dating world. I mean, we face these challenges daily, right? What’s politically correct these days? Do I hold the door for a guy I don’t really care for, or let him wait for the next one?” She paused and smirked before continuing. “Or what if a guy asks you out and you aren’t interested. You’ve got two choices, A, you ignore him, and you’re labeled a tease, or B, you tell him you aren’t interested, and you’re labeled a bitch.”

“What about C?”

“There is no C.”

“Well, what if you like him?”

She shrugged. “Okay, there’s a C. Say you actually like him. If you tell him you like him, you’re a stalker. So, you keep it to yourself, and then he sleeps around because he didn’t know you wanted to be exclusive, and then you hate him. Yes. There’s a lot to run with here. I mean, there’s also a ton going on in the political arena, which is slightly more riveting, but I agreed to do this, and you just helped me get there. So, thank you, Montgomery. You’ve been a huge help.”

“Why do I feel like that’s a backhanded compliment?” I asked. 

“Because it is.” She chuckled. “You’re a bit slicker than I expected.”

“I’m full of surprises.”

“I’m sure you are. But not everyone loves surprises, so…” Her gaze moved to the door. Seriously? She was kicking me out of her office? 

“I was just leaving,” I said, pushing to my feet with irritation. 

“Sure, you were.”

I laughed. I liked how snarky she was. 

“Send me over the idea for the column.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her smile anything but genuine. 

“Now was that so painful?” I asked as I paused at the door. 

“Yes. Very much so.”

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About Laura:

Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost grown kids, and dog-whisperer to a couple of crazy Yorkies. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after.

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