Happy release day to The Sin of Kissing You, the second book in the Falling trilogy! My ARC review is coming soon, but you can read all about it below! (The first book, The Art of Falling for You, is out now too!) Keep reading to read an excerpt from the book!


Bay ran from me four years ago and I can’t blame her. I broke her heart and my own with one split second mistake.

If I were a better guy, I’d walk away and let her live her life, but maybe I haven’t learned my lesson yet because I can’t stop thinking about her. And I won’t stop until she knows how much I still love her.

The sins of my past are hard to run from, but I’ll battle every single one, if it means one more chance with her.

The Sin of Kissing You is the second book in the new Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy.

Photo edited by me!


“Do you want to tell me what happened back there?” 

Another bite and she shook her head. “No, not really. Being more sober only makes it worse, because now I know it wasn’t a drunken nightmare.” She slid her mug back to her side of the table. With a fortifying gulp, she set the cup back down with a thunk. Covering her mouth with her hand, she peered over at me before wiping her lips with the back of her hand. 

My reoccurring nightmare lingered in the background, ready to press play the second my guard dropped. I could taste the heavy metal in my grip and the stagger in my step as I stood over the prone, passed-out form of my own living monster. I shook my head to shove those thoughts back into the dungeon where they belonged and dragged long chains through the locks, shutting them up tight and focusing on Bay. 


She slammed her fork and knife down. “Would you stop saying that? Stop saying that stupid word like it fixes anything.” 

Heads turned our way looking over the backs of their booths. 

Bay picked up her utensils and went back to sawing through her syrup-soaked pancakes. 

“All I’ve ever wanted was for you to know I meant it.” Her forgiveness wasn’t even something I felt I deserved. Part of me wondered if the wounds of my past were destined to bleed forever, never fully healed and always a reminder of who I truly was underneath. 

“Meaning it doesn’t change the past.” 

“It doesn’t. Nothing can.” 

“Then let’s eat our food in silence and go our separate ways.” 

“If the past week has showed me anything it’s that our paths are always meant to cross.” 

“We’re living in the same dorm for a month. Then we go our separate ways.” Her fingers tightened on the fork. 

“Where will that take you?” 

The jingle of the salt and pepper intensified. “An accounting firm in Omaha. I’ll have a nice cubicle in the company headquarters, make a solid paycheck, and live my life never taking a single risk again.” She held my gaze, a sheen covering her eyes. 

“You sound thrilled about it.” 

“One hundred percent. But you get to have your dream, don’t you?” She peered up at me with fire in her eyes. 

“It’s been a long road. I’m here, but I could get cut at any moment. Training camp doesn’t mean I’m in. I could be cut or stuck in the practice squad. This isn’t all wrapped up yet.” 

She let out a humorless laugh. “Like Dare would ever let something he wanted get away from him.” 

“That’s not who I am anymore. And I did. You.”



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