“Trusting Blake,” the second book in Estelle Maskame’s “Becoming Mila” trilogy, is out now!

The title says it all — “Trusting Blake” is here! I’ll admit, I haven’t read it or “Becoming Mila” yet, since I won’t be able to handle the cliffhangers, so I’m just buying them and waiting to read until the third one comes out…but that doesn’t mean you have to! 🙂

The electrifying sequel to Becoming Mila … following Blake and Mila through the heat-filled days of a tempestuous summer. 

When an onslaught of revelations brings chaos to Mila’s life, her A-list parents jet from LA to join her in Tennessee. But they bring marital conflicts with them, leaving Mila distraught, betrayed, trapped.  

In the explosive fall-out, Mila can’t help but question everything she ever knew about her family and herself. The one person she can trust is Blake – and so she turns to him for a summer of freedom and fun. Their flourishing relationship grows stronger, more intense, but Blake has crises of his own … featuring a guitar, a pushy mom and a clingy ex. Soon they both face extraordinary pressure – not least to take sides in the drama of ambition and bitterness unfolding between their families.

As life starts to unravel, can Mila and Blake keep it together or will it all fall apart?

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