[COVER REVEAL] “If Only In My Dreams” By: Carrie Aarons

“If Only In My Dreams,” Carrie Aarons’ new holiday romance, releases on December 3rd — but today I’m so excited to share the cover with you all! I finish my ARC a few days ago (gotta wait to post until we bring out all of the Christmas decorations to take a cute photo…y’all know how it is), and it really got me in the mood for Christmas!

Doesn’t this cover just SCREAM Christmas?! Here’s what “If Only In My Dreams” by Carrie Aarons is about:

When Madison finds herself divorced at 26, she has no choice but to move back into her childhood home. Even worse, her parents own and operate the local Polar Express amusement and everyone is expected to dress up and sing carols night after night. That’s where she bumps into the brooding, misunderstood guy she was head-over-heels for in high school.

Porter Kelly is as he’s always been; too gorgeous for his own good with “fix me” practically stamped across his forehead. But he wrote a memoir that shocked the world, and as their jobs on the train bring them closer than ever, Madison discovers that perhaps she was on the wrong track of life without ever noticing.


What’s your favorite book to read to get you in the mood for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!


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“The Tenth Girl” ♪

“You’re The One I Don’t Want” ♪

“Fleeting” (Nash Brothers #1) ♪

 “Forgiven” (Nash Brothers #2) ♪

“Flutter” (Nash Brothers #3) ♪

“Falter” (Nash Brothers #4) ♪

“The Second Coming” (Rogue Academy #1) ♪

“The Lion Heart” (Rogue Academy #2) ♪

“The Mighty Anchor” (Rogue Academy #3) ♪

“Hometown Heartless” ♪

“Fool Me Twice” ♪

“That’s The Way I Loved You” ♪

“Nerdy Little Secret” ♪

“Love at First Fight” ♪

“Warning Track” (Callahan Family #1) ♪

“Stealing Home” (Callahan Family #2) ♪

“Check Swing” (Callahan Family #3) ♪

“Foes & Cons” (coming soon)

“Control Artist” (Callahan Family #4) (coming soon)

“Tagging Up” (Callahan Family #5) (coming soon)

“If Only in My Dreams” (coming soon)

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