[COVER REVEAL] “Wild About You” (Wildcat Hockey #2) By: Rebecca Jenshak

The cover for the second book in Rebecca Jenshak’s Wildcat Hockey series is here! I absolutely loved the first book in the series, “Wildcat” — it was one of my favorite reads of 2021, so needless to say I’m pumped for the next book in the series. While I’m sure this next one can technically be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the first book. “Wild About You” releases on May 17th, so you have time!

What is “Wild About You” by Rebecca Jenshak about?

A month ago, I was a rookie with the best stats in the league. I was traveling the world, playing hockey, and making more money than I ever dreamed.

Then my sister showed up on my doorstep, expelled from high school, with nowhere else to go.

I don’t know the first thing about being responsible for a troubled teen, and the team jet isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

Enter Piper. My sister’s new teacher and nanny.

Smart, nurturing, and just as beautiful as I remember.

I fell in love with her four years ago and never stopped.

Too bad she hates my guts.

We need her.

And this time, I’m not letting her go.

Wild About You is a full-length second chance romance with a grumpy NHL player, his teenage sister, and the ex-girlfriend he never forgot.

Pre-order your copy today!


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