[COVER REVEAL] “The Rosewood Hunt” by: Mackenzie Reed

THE ROSEWOOD HUNT, a YA thriller by debut author, is releasing on October 31st — and I’m so excited to help reveal the cover!

It’s about a crew of unlikely teens who have to form a reluctant alliance to scour their small coastal town for a missing fortune. Except while they’re hunting for the fortune, someone starts hunting THEM!

Here’s the official synopsis of Mackenzie Reed’s “The Rosewood Hunt”:

Lily Rosewood has a serious problem––the thirty dollars in her bank account isn’t nearly enough to secure a spot at her dream fashion school. As a member of the richest family in sparkling Rosetown, Massachusetts, money shouldn’t be an issue. But the legendary Rosewood fortune is closely guarded by Gram, the vivacious matriarch simultaneously adored and envied by the entire town. Lily idolizes her despite the nagging question of if her father would still be alive had Gram spared a few pennies for her kin.

But when Gram meets an unexpected death and the multi-million dollar fortune disappears, Lily’s inheritance only includes a heart-stopping letter from Gram, an heirloom necklace, and a hidden piece of a Rosetown map. When three unlikely teens appear with the other map pieces, they form a reluctant alliance to track down the clues Gram scattered throughout Rosetown. With the shining hope of the fortune bringing them together, Lily’s on a race to find the money, secure her future, and discover what really happened to her dad and Gram.

But as news of the missing fortune goes viral, Lily and her ragtag crew are in danger of meeting a similar fate to Gram as they go from the hunters to the hunted.

For fans of Knives Out, Netflix’s Outer Banks, and The Inheritance Games, this one’s for you.

The gorgeous art is by Holly Ovenden🥀

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