[COVER REVEAL] “Real Regrets” by: C.W. Farnsworth

The cover for C.W. Farnsworth’s next book, “Real Regrets,” is here! This is the second book to follow the Kensington family, but this time we’re getting to see the love story of Oliver, Crew’s older brother. I really loved the first book, “Fake Empire,” and I’m so excited to read Oliver’s story!

Both covers complement each other so well, and I can’t wait to get a physical copy for my shelf so I can have them side by side! Keep reading for the synopsis, and to see the beautiful cover design!


One night. Two strangers. Lots of regrets…

A bachelor party in Las Vegas is the last place Oliver Kensington wants to spend a long weekend. He likes controlling outcomes, not the uncertainty of gambling. For the most part, his reputation as the reliable, responsible Kensington brother is well-deserved. But for one of the few people he considers a friend, he’ll show up in sin city.

Oliver’s focus is on work—and on getting back into his father’s good graces. But he’s not expecting absolution for past mistakes; Arthur Kensington doesn’t forgive.

So when an offer to forget is made as soon as Oliver returns to New York, it’s shocking. And it’s the same demand his father made years ago: to marry a woman as part of a business arrangement. This time, there’s no chance his brother Crew will be the one waiting at the end of the aisle, which is how Oliver’s last engagement ended.

The answer should be obvious. Most of Oliver’s life has centered around earning his father’s approval and becoming CEO, both of which he thought were lost opportunities. Learning they’re not should be the best news he’s received all year.

Problem is, there’s a piece of paper in his pocket that says he’s already married…to the blonde woman he met in the bar of a Vegas hotel.

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