Happy Book Birthday to hockey romance”Second Chance Player”!

Wishing the happiest of book birthdays to the new second chance hockey romance by R.C. Stephens, “Second Chance Player”!

What is Second Chance Player by R.C. Stephens about?

The only thing I ever loved more than hockey?Skylar Ward.The one who got away, or rather the one I pushed away and into the arms of my hockey nemesis, when I left for a D1 college hockey team.He broke her heart too. The only difference—he didn’t love her.I did. I still do.I think she loves me too. Even if she won’t admit it. Even if she doesn’t want to.The sexy single mom is running the best defense I’ve ever encountered.And as a top forward in the NHL, that’s saying something.Lucky for me her son loves hockey.He’s my biggest fan and I’m his.Getting Skylar to give me a second chance isn’t going to be easy.Good thing I play to win.But what if our past isn’t the only thing standing in the way?


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“Second Chance Player” by: R.C. Stephens – ARC

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