[REVIEW] ‘By Your Side’ by: Kasie West

Autumn Collins had planned to spend the weekend with her friends. Not get locked in a library for three days. And she really, really hadn’t planned to get stuck in there with Dax Miller, the loner from her high school who spent some time in juvie. Autumn decides just to wait for her friends to realize she wasn’t with them, and then they’d come rescue her. Except they don’t; no one comes. As Autumn and Dax spend more time together, they both start opening up. But the three day expiration date clock is ticking down, and neither of them know what will happen when they return to the real world.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


This has got to be one of the best premises for a book, ever. I love Kasie West’s writing, but the synopsis of this book definitely drew me in. A YA romance contemporary novel about two teenagers trapped in a library? Kasie must really know her demographic 😉😂. I liked Autumn and Dax as characters; both were dynamic, but not cliché which was good. I felt that Autumn was a good narrator, and I enjoyed seeing the world through her eyes. I thought that Kasie portrayed Autumn’s anxiety well, and I liked the sibling relationship between Autumn and her brother. I especially enjoyed Dax reading Hamlet…I just finished that book in my English class! Overall, this was a quick, easy read; I finished it within about four hours. The story was interesting and kept me engaged the entire time. This book would make a great film adaptation!


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