[REVIEW] ‘Jesse’s Girl’ by: Miranda Kenneally 

Career day sucks. None of the kids ever get to actually do something fun pertaining to their desired career. Until Maya Henry said she wanted to be a rockstar, and she gets to shadow Jesse Scott, teen country superstar and total heartthrob. But spending time with Jesse reminds Maya of everything she doesn’t have–like getting kicked out of the band she created, for starters. Will Maya realize that she has what it takes to go solo?

Rating: 5/5 stars


Of the three books I’ve read by Miranda, so far this one is my favorite. I read it last year, and loved it so much I just had to read it again!
I love Maya as a character. She’s such an original, interesting character. As a music fanatic myself, (I sing and play drums in my own band) I totally emphasized with Maya when she got kicked out of the band SHE started. It made me really mad, because that’s just awful. I totally get how hard it is to find people who share your music tastes and are good enough to be in a band, because sometimes it feels impossible; everything about all of those exchanges felt extremely realistic. Jesse has a great personality as well. I loved it when him and Maya would bicker back and forth with witty banter. At first his personality was pretty stereotypical, but I liked how he evolved as the story went on. Overall, I loved the premise, and I felt that Miranda executed it wonderfully. This is definitely a must read for any YA contemporary fans, and Miranda doesn’t disappoint.


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