Here’s a list of books that music lovers might enjoy! I’m constantly updating these lists as I read new books, so check back soon for more recommendations!

1. ‘The Heartbreakers’ – Ali Novak (series)

2. ‘Tone Deaf’ – Olivia Rivers

3. ‘For the Record’ – Charlotte Huang

4. ‘Kill The Boy Band’ – Goldy Moldavsky

5. ‘Open Road Summer’ – Emery Lord

6. ‘Jesse’s Girl’ – Miranda Kenneally

7. ‘With The Band’ – Natasha Preston

8. ‘Love Songs & Other Lies’ – Jessica Pennington

9. ‘Songs About A Girl’ – Chris Russell

10. ‘The Brightsiders’ – Jen Wilde

11. ‘Follow Me Back’ – A.V. Geiger

13. ‘When It’s Real’ – Erin Watt

The following books vaguely relate to music, although not as directly as the above titles!

1. ‘P.S. I Like You’ – Kasie West

2. ‘Shuffle, Repeat’ – Jen Klein

3. ‘This Lullaby’ – Sarah Dessen*

4. ‘Say You’ll Remember Me’ – Katie McGarry

5. ‘Flower’ – Elizabeth Craft & Shea Olsen*

* = books I’ve read and liked but didn’t love. I still want to list them here, because just because I didn’t enjoy them as much as the others doesn’t mean you won’t!

Do you have any favorites that aren’t listed? Let me know in the comments!

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