[ARC REVIEW] “Founded on Temptation” (Mixtape #2) By: Kat Singleton

What is “Founded on Temptation” by Kat Singleton about?

This means nothing.

That sentence would become the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself after spending an unforgettable night with Sebastian Compton.

Because he has rules—one night, no strings attached.

It’s easier that way. He travels the world as a bodyguard for his best friend and one of the most famous pop icons alive. I’m merely a glorified coffee-runner, still trying to get noticed by my boss. It would never work between us.

It should have meant nothing.

After all, my best friend schemed to hurt the very man Sebastian was hired to protect—and I knew about it. He shouldn’t want to be near me. We shouldn’t be sneaking around, hiding our feelings from those closest to us.

I shouldn’t want him. He’s arrogant, jealous, and possessive—breaking his rules and my boundaries, claiming me for another night only to leave again.

But now, it means everything.

I never expected more than a single night with him. I didn’t foresee being thrust back together by the product of our lust. It didn’t occur to me that while fighting our feelings, we may have built something worth fighting for.

Most of all, I never thought something so perfect could grow from a relationship that had always been founded on temptation.​​

Rating: 4/5 Stars


I read the first book in this series after seeing the author’s posts on Instagram, and I’m so glad that I did! Something that’s really interesting about this book is how it overlaps with the previous book. We got to see Riley and Sebastian meet in “Founded on Goodbye,” and while we got to see how Nash and Nora spent their time in the cabin, in this book we get to see how Riley and Sebastian spent theirs.

A lot of the book takes place in the time that was skipped over in the previous book, when Nash and Nora were broken up. It was so cool to see how the stories intertwined, and to have some gaps filled in.

Riley is such an interesting and fun character. She’s very outspoken and has a ton of confidence, which is evident in how she carries herself around both Sebastian and Nash. I love her friendship with Nora and Ziggy (and Nora’s sister), and would’ve loved to see more interactions between her and her own family.

There was a twist in the book that is one of my least favorite tropes (don’t worry, no spoilers!), but I think it was written pretty well. (The reason I don’t like the trope is because I feel like it can feel like a cop out in regards to character development, pushing two people together out of necessity, and can disregard the issues going on previously – vague, I know, but since it’s a twist I don’t want to post any spoilers!)

Riley’s boss (who she ends up dating) is described as being a total jerk, and then it seems like he flips a switch and does a total 180, and is suddenly a different (nice) person, so I’m not sure why he was going to be described that way if it was just going to change so suddenly without a lot of explanation. Sebastian’s possessiveness was a bit…much. Like, I felt like it was into total control freak, red flag behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and I love him and Riley together, but those moments were definitely red flags.

Overall, I think this was a great addition to the series, and I can’t wait to read the third book, “Founded on Deception”! (I’m thinking that it’ll be Monica and Aiden’s story?) As with all new adult books, but especially this one, I recommend it for 18+ due to the sexual content. Thanks to Kat Singleton for providing me with an ARC!

“Founded on Temptation” is out now!

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