[REVIEW] ‘Fangirl’ by: Rainbow Rowell

Cath is a Simon Snow fan. So is the rest of the world. But for Cath, Simon Snow is her entire life. As her twin sister, Wren, starts to grow away from the fandom, Cath refuses to. When Cath and Wren go to college, Wren doesn’t want to be roommates. Instead, Cath gets stuck with Reagan, and her sort of boyfriend Levi who’s always hanging around. As Cath tries to navigate college and her personal life, she soon realized that she’s definitely out of her comfort zone.

Rating: 4/5 stars


I really liked this book. As a fangirl myself, I could totally relate to Cath. She was a likeable protagonist. Levi was written nicely too, and so was Cath’s roommate, Reagan. I liked the story and thought it was well written, with interesting characters. I wish we would’ve been explicitly told what happened between Wren and her roommate Courtney, and gotten to read how Cath ended her Simon and Baz fanfiction story. Overall though, I think this book is a must read for any fangirl (or fanboy) out there. It’s really a great piece of YA fiction.



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