[REVIEW] ‘The Problem With Forever’ by: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Mallory “Mouse” Dodge lived in a horrible foster home until she was thirteen, where she learned the only way to stay alive was to stay silent. Her best friend and protector during that time was Rider Stark. After Mallory and Rider are removed from their foster home, they’re separated and believe that they’ll never see each other again. Four years later, Mallory has been adopted by two doctors and is slowly beginning to recover from her past. When she reenters public school for the first time in years, she sees the person she least expected — Rider. As Mallory and Rider reconnect, they realize just how different they’ve become.

Rating: 5/5 stars


I absolutely LOVED this book. Since Mallory has a tough time talking, it made sense that sometimes she would pause or stutter her words when she spoke, which was done in a good, easy to read way. Her and Rider’s past was slowly revealed in more detail throughout the book, which I liked because it kept me guessing. Jennifer does a great job of showing the subtle, and even not-so-subtle ways that Rider and Mallory’s past still effect them, obviously, in present time. Both of their characters and personalities are well developed and seemingly realistic; they’re both so dynamic. The gradual pace in which the characters evolved was smooth and none of their stories felt rushed. I’d recommend this book to both teens and adults looking for a contemporary novel. This book is amazing–go get it now!


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