Bookish Pet Peeves [pt. 1]

Hey fellow book nerds! If you all are avid readers like me (which I’m assuming is how you stumbled upon my blog….) chances are you have some Pet Peeves involving books. Since I’m sure I’ll remember some and agree with some of your comments, I’m making this post a part 1! I’ll post more as I remember. Here are just a few of mine….

Bookish Pet Peeves

1. When you have some books in a series in paperback and others in hardcover.

Obviously it’s the same book no matter if it’s hardcover or paperback, but it LOOKS WRONG. It’s all about the aesthetic, let’s be honestly. When the books are all lined up it looks sloppy, if you will.

2. If the books are all in paperback, but for some reason they’re still different sizes.

This is similar to the previous pet peeve, but c’mon. Seriously?! This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it drives me nuts. I’d assume that all paperbacks should be printed the same size, especially if they’re in the same series.

3. When the cover art gets changed halfway through a series.

Once again, the aesthetic. It just bothers me. Obviously I’m not going to go out and rebuy all the previous books, but the covers still don’t all match and it doesn’t look as nice in photos or on the shelf. For example, this happened to me with the DIMILY trilogy, and with the GONE series. For GONE, the books stayed the same in the first publication but in the second they got new covers, so now the continuation book isn’t going to match my other ones. *sigh* 

4. When books are even slightly bent/damaged–included dog eared pages.

Once again, it ruins the aesthetic. Really, I just don’t like it when they’re damaged. I always try my best to keep my books in pristine condition. This is why I hate annotating books in school! Writing in them feels wrong.

5. When people borrow books and don’t return them. Ever.

This has only happened to me once, and to my sister once. It’s SO WRONG and is one of the reasons I rarely lend my books out to anyone at all, even to some of my closest friends. #trustissues

6. When the font is different on the sides than on the cover.

Why. Just……why.

7. Not really sure if this one is exactly a pet peeve, but it’s definitely frustrating– when you want so many books but it’s not financially possible to buy them all or even read them all in a timely manner.

Ugh. *cries*

8. When you run out of room on your bookshelves. So you have random stacks lying around your room. Or on top of the bookshelf. One top of other books. Everywhere.

Because bookshelves cost money that can be used for more books. Such a vicious cycle.
What are your bookish pet peeves? I’m sure I’ve missed some of mine! Please comment below!

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