[REVIEW] ‘All The Feels’ By: Danika Stone

After her favorite (and the lead!) character gets killed off at the end of the Starveil franchise, Liv refuses to accept his death. She launches an online campaign to bring Spartan back to life, starting with a video starring her best friend Xander as a rebel leader.  

Rating: 5/5 stars


This novel is a must read for anyone involved in a fandom. Danika Stone creates a wonderful world that is easy for readers to immerse themselves in, because the world is so similar to their own. Many teenagers like myself have been involved in some sort of fandom obsession at some point in their lives, whether that obsession centered around a person, movie, book, or all three. I found it extremely easy to relate to Liv. I’m not a college freshman yet, (although I will be this fall!) but I loved how this book wasn’t revolving on the fact that Liv attended college. It created a nice sense of normalcy and I loved that the book was focused on and explored other aspects of Liv’s life. Her relationship with her best friend Xander was portrayed exceptionally well. 

Danika’s writing style is amazing. Occasionally in young adult contemporaries that are written in third person, the connection between the reader and the main character can get lost because we aren’t directly inside the lead characters head; this was not this case in ‘All the Feels’. Her writing style makes reading effortless. I believe that if an author’s writing style is the best when as I’m reading, I don’t even notice the style at all. I was so wrapped up in the story that I was able to see it play out in my head as I was reading, almost like my own personal movie instead of just reading words on a page. Danika possesses a great talent for connecting with her audience through her writing. 

Liv’s talent of video editing really intrigued me, because I really want to work in the film industry after college (more specifically, translating books to visual media!), but really Liv is just a relatable character to me in general. Her personality is very similar to my own. She’s not a cliché character by any sense of the word; neither is Xander. Both of them are so dynamic and distinctly their own, and stand out from other contemporary romance characters I’ve encountered over the years. I didn’t want the book to end! Although I’ve never attended a con myself, they seem like a fangirl’s dream. This book definitely makes me want to go! We all can relate to wanting to change canon–especially when a beloved character is killed off. Liv represents and does what we all wish we could do. (Plus Xander’s girlfriend is named Arden, and that’s my twin sister’s name! It’s rare to find it used in books, so that was awesome!)

There’s so much more I would love to go on and on about, but I’ll start to talk about spoilers! All I can do is encourage you all to go out and buy this book as soon as possible. You won’t regret it! 

*Danika’s next book, ‘Internet Famous’ comes out June 6!



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