Swoon Reads Partners with A&E Studios to Bring Books to the Screen (+ The Swoon Reads Titles I Want To See Adapted!)

If you’re like me and have Swoon Reads (@SwoonReads) on Twitter notifications (as well as almost all of their authors), you’ve already heard the news! (Or if you read the title of this post!) I’ve read a ton of Swoon Reads books, and would love to see all of them adapted into some sort of digital media. Here are a few books out of all of those from Swoon Reads that I would love to see on screen!

(I tried to narrow it down to 10, I swear.)

Click on each link to read the review, and then you’ll understand why I added that book to this list!! 🙂

1. Love Scene, Take Two – Alex Evansley

The whole premise of “Love Scene, Take Two” is that it’s a book about an author falling in love with the guy who plays the lead character in the movie adaptation of her book. So this would me a movie about a book that’s about a book getting adapted into a movie. Need I say more?

2. The Supervillain and Me – Danielle Banas

Love story where our girl and the “villain” fall in love–plus she has an awesome older brother who is, you guessed it, a superhero. Move out of the way, Marvel.

3. You Don’t Know My Name – Kristen Orlando

Badass girl secret agent. ‘Nuff said.

4. The Brightsiders – Jen Wilde

Bisexual female drummer (+ more LGBTQ+ characters!!) in a mega-famous band. Of course Hollywood is lacking in representation, but that’s not the only reason I love this story–#1, it’s well written and I adore the characters, and #2, I’m a girl drummer, too. I rarely, if ever, see girls portrayed as drummers in any sort of media, so when I heard about this, I was immediately drawn to it.

5. Surviving Adam Meade – Shannon Klare

Why play sports (b/c exercise, yikes) when you can just read books (or watch movies! hint hint) about people who do?

6. All The Feels – Danika Stone

Cosplay conventions and social media campaigns–this book is your new obsession. (And would make a fantastic cross over with Jen Wilde’s books…;)

7. The Boy Next Door – Katie Van Ark

This is the ice skating partners-to-lovers romance you didn’t know you needed. Hello, perfect winter movie.

8. Bound To You – Alyssa Brandon

Move over Twilight, because “Bound To You” has arrived. We stan a werewolf romance. (Attractive people AND awesome animals? HMU with BTS pictures pronto.) If you were a Twi-Hard (as I was) you’ll love this. If you weren’t, you’ll still love it, because it’s that good.

9. Just Friends – Tiffany Pitcock

Two people pretending to have been friends their whole lives just to BS a school assignment. (Basically how we wish our high school romances would’ve played out.)

10. The Game Can’t Love You Back – Karole Cozzo 

They say all girls love diamonds, and that might be true–if you’re talking about the baseball diamond, that is. Who doesn’t want to see a girl killing it on the field? Step aside, boys.

11. Kissing Max Holden – Katy Upperman

Romance and baking. (This gives you an excuse to make cookies to watch it, so how can you pass that up?)

12. Queens of Geek – Jen Wilde

Swoon Reads, back at it again with the love stories at conventions. (I need a crossover of Jen’s books with Danika’s, pronto.) You’re going to love this multi-POV book, so why not make it into a series too?

13. Wesley James Ruined My Life – Jennifer Honeybourn 

Anyone who’s ever had a summer job (or any crappy job at all) can relate to this book. If only we all had attractive coworkers driving us insane too.

What Swoon Reads book do you hope gets picked to be adapted? Let me know in the comments!

I’m at school right now and won’t be home until tonight (book club night!) so here’s a makeshift photo until I get home to create another one!! I’m just way too excited to not post now 🙂

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