[#PLAYLISTFRIDAY] ‘Trusting You & Other Lies’ By: Nicole Williams Edition

Hi everyone! Happy Playlist Friday!! This week the playlist is for ‘Trusting You & Other Lies’ by Nicole Williams!
1. Out Loud gabbie hanna

This song perfect sums up remembering memories of someone who is important to you when they aren’t around anymore, and the silence that entails when there’s a blank space in your life once they’re gone.

2. For a Boy raelynn

This is such a cute, romantic song about opening yourself up to someone! 

3. Full Circle miley cyrus

The mention of running in the song makes me think of Callum and Phoenix! There are other reasons but I don’t want to spoil anything!

4. Right Here, Right Now maddie & tae

This is one of my favorite cute romantic songs! It’s about a girl waiting for a boy to kiss her for the first time 🙂

5. True Love dove cameron

This song is about the heartbreak you feel after you aren’t with the person who you thought you were meant to be with.

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